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Receive personal insights and recommendations on how to improve: 

  • Team meetings and establishing next-steps

  • Healthy work habits to prevent burn-out

  • Increase knowledge base with consumable learning material


A better way to empower your teams and work habits with Viva Insights


An environment of continuous learning with Viva Topics and Learning


A collaborative workspace in a remote or hybrid workplace with Viva Connections

Microsoft Viva

Viva is a brand new platform that is designed to improve employee remote work experience and workflow. Viva encompasses four modules — Learning, Insights, Connections and Topics that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams.


Be a better leader by:

  • Increasing team collaboration efficiency

  • Identify areas of improvement within their team/work environment

  • Create a more encouraging work environment virtually

Our customized Viva live/on-demand training is designed to help: 

Just like Viva’s user experience, our training for Viva is 100% customized.

We will take into account your workflow, your goals for your target audience attending the training along with a Q&A section for any questions your users may have.

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