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Customized On-Demand Training

Customized On-Demand Training

In today’s world, employees expect learning tools to be readily available whenever they need help. However, an overwhelming amount of off-the-shelf learning products could confuse them and provide instructions that aren’t applicable. 

MOOC Courses
A custom course that includes instructions, videos, and assessments that allow employees to learn at their own pace or in sync with live training
Interactive Stimulus
Each customized simulation includes a short video tutorial, a hands-on exercise, and a knowledge check to encourage a more comprehensive and interactive learning experience.
Instructional Videos
Customized 2-5 minutes training videos with topics based on each organization’s business process and messaging
First Look Guides
Each customized cheat-sheet highlights only the new and key features your organization plan to adopt
Why & How Cards
Each flashcard helps to understand why a specific feature improves business productivities following up with step-by-step “how-to” instructions.

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